A reason to be concerned is when someone is telling what to think and do.

Learn how to think, but let no one tell you what to think.

Men often confuse this in their relationships, instead of creating an atmosphere conducive to thinking, they create a controlling atmosphere. I am the bread winner and everybody is relying on me. What happens when you are gone? I am the man of the house…pants? Further, men very seldom express their true feelings - cheating.

And because women are normally physically weaker, women have always had to be the thinking partner in the relationship.

Normally, when there are situations involving a victim and a perpetrator in a relationship, under our current system, the perpetrator’s gender will most likely to be a male. The victim will most likely be the female. Men just want to do, but we portray ourselves as thinkers. The greatest minds, I’ll bet this list is composed primarily of men.

Without a wife, men get into trouble? With a wife, what do men do?

Men telling men what to think and do? Learn how to think so no one has to tell you what to think.

DO MORE THAN READ THE WORDS -- read between the lines. Feel the emotion.

your inner voice

Another big mistake men make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy. What could involve the entire family. Read these Case Studies!

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