Thorough, how thorough are you?

Standards of living.

Do you know what clean is, by who's standards? Do you just decide for yourself?

What is our standard of living? Most people baulk at those thoughts, but they know they are very necessary.

It's already hard, but doing it yourself, for yourself make it any easier? What good is keeping your house clean when your neighbors... Does the world see you first or your neighborhood?

So how do you keep, maintain good healthy wholesome standards of living? Do you want to do your chores? Do you do all of them? Is it important to wash your windows? Is the ability to look out as important as the abiity to look in?

How do you manage your children? Is it as important... You have got to be thorough?

Most do not believe in being too thorough, so what does this mean? Where does it start, how?

Bits and pieces of information can destroy you. People have gotten increasingly lazy. They do not want to keep themselves clean. What good is keeping your house clean when "you" are as filthy as hell? You would be better served the other way around.

That is how and where being "THOROUGH" comes into play. How thorough are you with what you have, land and resources? Are you eating yourself out of house and home or are you effective and efficient?

You want the best but do you give your best every time? Why not?

(((your inner

When you have little invested?

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