To Sir With Love

Sidney Portier Poem

It was a warm day in December and I took 'The Redball Express', 'Uptown Saturday Night', for a piece of the action.

Uptown was where I had to be, even though I had 'The Paris Blues'.

I wasn't alone, I had my friends 'Buck and The Preacher' with me. 'The Defiant One's' we were called.

We were on our way to Buck's parents, 'Porgy And Bess Farm'. Porgy is Buck's father's nickname. His real name is Noah. Some say Noah truely is 'The Last Brickmaker' in America.

I can believe it. It's a great thing, the simple life of Noah Dearborn. You can see Buck's parent's farm from the edge of the city.

When we got there, Buck's mom came to the door, smiled that grand smile of her's, turned around to Buck's brother, John, and yelled, 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner'! My favorite band of angels, 'All The Young Men'!

After we had dinner and socialized a bit, it was time to leave.

Before we got out the door Bess said, "listen, this was a delightful evening, let's do it again sometime".

Everybody got quite for a moment, looked at each other, and smiled.

After we left Buck's parent's home that night, we got on the train to go home. We met a man on the train and talked to him.

After 'Buck And The Preacher' got off the train I proceeded talking with the man.

Even though we all look different...different shapes, different sizes, and different colors.....We are all we need...because we are seperate but equal...something of value".

I listened so intently and he knew it, so he continued. "If you have no way out...or just feel that way...cry....the beloved country will hear".

These are just a few of the compassionate things this wise, proud, yet humble man said to me.

I asked the man his name, he just smiled his grand smile and said, 'They Call Me Mister Tibbs'.

I wanted to hear more from Mister Tibbs, so he proceeded, "Some think their story is the greatest story ever told, and some feel they are the lost man in the crowd". Whatever your pressure point brings you to, remember this young man, that up above there is a patch of blue, and his is the greatest story ever told".

'To Sir With Love'.

written by Shirley Sutton

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