Too Much Time on Your Hands

Kiss the ground?

I do not know how to take that? Just seem never have enough time.

I think on third world countries, where time is not an issue. Well, let me be more specific, “the clock/watch” is not an issue. Why are you going there?

You do things on time, but a clock is not the issue? Are they punctual? Well, no matter what time you arrive, you can be surprised with one of the warmest heartfelt ceremonial welcomes, you have ever dreamt possible. I dreamed it, but I never thought it would ever come true and I was just overwhelmed, while giving thanks for a safe landing, after an eighteen hour flight.

The flight is another story, just imagine your very first eighteen hour flight. Certainly, somethings that you did not know and never thought about will be revealed to you. Have you ever, in a very humble and most appreciative way, ever felt so relieved for landing safely, getting your two feet safely back on the ground, ever thought a good sign for you to express your most sincere appreciation, would be to “KISS IT”? I saw it, did not take long to realize it and acted accordingly. It was one of the most humbling, most in tuned with who and what I want to be, acts of kindness I have ever performed. I know it was a first.

So, are they on time?

Your inner

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