Total Isolation Extreme Conditions

Choosing to live or die.

I will have a blue Christmas without you!

Many of us spend so much of our lives ignoring the world around us and we take lightly the value of the people around us. We feel we can do without the rest of the world for a while and then, without warning, you find yourself in a life or death situation. You are isolated and under extreme conditions; and must make a decision that might cost you your life. You need help and from anybody!

Total isolation under extreme conditions means losing a grip on life and starting to hallucinate - FEAR. You try to justify things, but you can’t. You know you are not going to survive unless you do something.

If you survive, you gain a new appreciation for life and every little thing around you. Doing things make this life even more memorable. I have never been so happy to see people in my life again. Though it pays to discover “the Power” in you, there is great comfort in knowing I am not alone, that there is another human being, not too far away.

You realize your safety and security lies in the immediate availability of others.

Total isolation under extreme conditions, choose to live everyday.

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