Train Up Your Child

Do not load them down with the problems of the world!

Faith versus things? If you do not have strong faith, then how will your children? What will they fall for or back on? And we wonder why there is such a generation gap? Why we can not get along better? Why are we so prejudice?

Increasely, we expect others to do more for training our children than we are willing to do for ourselves. More and more we are led to believe the important things of life come from outside the home. Not logical and additional stress running around looking for the best facilities to do that.

Faith is not something you go around looking for. Just like you can believe the earth is round, flat, evolution or big bang, just as long as you learn the most important aspects of all of them and that is: The earth is not ours to do what we want, we must take care and pass it on. That life goes from one generation to the next. How else do we get a bright future?

We are training our children to be “too perfect for their own good”. Driven by their own impossible standards, they never feel “good enough”. That is what and why it is so important to train up our children in faith versus things.

Still today, we are preaching and teaching our children that the most important reason for doing all we do is to earn money. Further and further, we lose interest in the fact of selling our souls.

    Here are a few points to consider faith versus material training:

  • Over-doing it?

  • Fear of failure?

  • Hiding imperfections?

  • Unable to enjoy in the moment?

  • Irresponsible?

  • Stress/Anxiety?

  • Chronic illnesses?

    Children are our future and they do not automatically learn how to behave. Appropriate behavior is learned, important and critical to survival. Without your help and our cooperation, dreams of a bright future are diminished. Lifelong learning?

Train up your child in the way you know they should go and if any parent lacks wisdom, consult your faith and it will be given.

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