Training the trainer

People share things, not asking for advice but just sharing and I just can’t believe my ears. I’m talking about mature professional adults of the superior being,,,lol. Sometimes we are blinded by the light.

Imagine this. You have been on the job for a couple of years, we’re talking about the bottom ranks now, department of labor referrals.

Most recently you received a promotion and even more accurately speaking, you were "just officially hired" “part time”. So after receiving your new official job assignments you go to work. Hours later your new boss interrupts, brings you into her office and makes you her flunky, by telling you to do little things to help her in her job. Okay for a while, but this goes on for weeks, how degrading. In addition to doing her dirty work, she assigns you to mentor, the new person who took your old position how presumptuous. How can you reasonably do all three-- learn your new job/do it, flunky and mentor? As a part time employee, where is the time? How are you going to feel when you get home?

When are you supposed to do the job for which you was hired? Don't they have some probationary period? Did they really hire you to do that job? Is that job remotely important? Well, why were you promoted?

Now, you can’t do your new job or the mentoring because you are being a flunky for your new boss, while the new person is being railroaded by some evil witch.

Well, the new person quits because they did not like the way they were being treated. Now, your new boss calls you in and just mentions/questions you. HELLO, all of which occurred within two weeks.

These kind of behaviors go without correction and they are passed on to the next person. Then you wonder why you’re getting piss poor performance. Sounds something like slavery to me.

When you are almost 60 years old, how is that training the trainer? Without changing, how can you make sense of something that does not make sense? Where is the winning spirit, the teamwork, creativity, iniative...? It ain't what you do as much as it is how, but that is how our Government operates. Think about that.

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.' When something is taken from you, it's not always to punish you, but can be preparing you to receive something better.

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