A Spiritual Trifecta

Normally, shunned by Christians, why this word now? Because in life, we desire to win with very high returns-No people left behind.

A Spiritual Trifecta, a greater challenge is needed, just look around.

A trifecta for life yielding very high returns? The word, "Trifecta" is being used a lot lately. People speak of doing things in groups of "3's" as being a trifecta. The word actually comes (originally, I believe) from horse racing. If you pick all three winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place), that is, the horses that win, place, and show, it is a "trifecta". Very difficult to win, but yields very high returns. In this sense, the term "trifecta" is making its way into conversational speech.

The phrase also needs to work it way into every walk of life. We need to have a "spiritual trifecta". Praying prayers, singing hymns, and reading the Bible are good for us spiritually, but if we are to continue growing in our ministries and experience the fullness of life, we need to get up and do something. Time and make better use of it? Decision making, making decisions based upon what? Lifestyle adjustments knocking you off your spiritual journey?

With all the tricks and quick fixes we create for ourselves, not life, it is easier than ever to get off track. Look at our economy and society, that says it all. I have found that every time I give in to them and fail, I feel stupid all over and want to crawl in a hole. Too much of that makes me feel like killing somebody. Its harder to forgive myself and the more stupid things I do, the harder it gets. But when I make an honest mistake, it is easier to bounce back. I can go sit in a corner and after a while be right back in the swing of things.

During these very turbulent times to ensure we get ourselves, communities and country back on track and to ensure a victory, the spiritual trifecta, let it encourage you to maintain three things as you move on the journey God has for you in life: (1.) A Sense of Ministry, Mission and Journaling, (2.) A Sense of Fellowship, and (3.) A Sense of Sharing God's Good Glory with others. By doing so, we ALL can be assured to win, place, and show for LIFE, yielding very high returns.

A Spiritual Trifecta!

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