True love and Finding it

What kind of people do I want to meet?

Aren’t relationships all about our partners and growing together? Aren’t we supposed to be the shining example of the change we want to see?

Let’s start with mind games. What about race? What about gender? What about money and power? Biases and double standards, victims and perpetrators, are they good for building healthy relationships? Do they enter into other aspects of one’s life? Does chemistry and character over-rule? Do you view others as being worse than you? What happens when you are the victim? Is true love finding that special someone to help let go of inhibitions? Does true love start or stop with you? Then, when you find true love, do you try to keep it all to yourself? So when you recognize it, what should you do?

Selflessness and Selfishness, where do you draw the line between a good healthy dose of both? Do not care, never thought about it, then are you asking for something you really do not understand? Do you have the courage to be the change you want to see?

Christians what is a hypocrite? Are all the criteria and questions we posed to ourselves and others, are not they to aid us in our efforts to minimize hypocrisy in potential mates, relationships and our lives? I am the biggest sinner I know, but to live my own best life, I practice not being a hypocrite. What about those who have acted courageously and honorably under difficult circumstances, and being thankful for all those whose lives have made a difference in the world and in my life? To everyone who has acted selflessly, I say, "Thank you!"

The true love I seek is it inside me? Discovering true love leads to Happiness.

Your inner

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