A World Truly More United


I'd like to believe that but

Does America even have poor people? Are they more than rich people? What's a poor person? What's a rich person? Do they even know love? Do you?

What people do you hate? Do you hate them enough to fight them? Why do they want to fight you? Aren't you concerned? ARe we more divided as we are UNITED? Are we strouded with fog and danger?

You say, the United States is better than other countries, but do we love anybody any more? Do Americans, real red blooded Americans show any more love or less? Then why do we still have all the race problems? Do we or don't we know better? How can you be prejudice and loving all at the same time? Why be half something?

If you hate anything, then you must first hate yourself. How can love and hate dwell in the same place, at the same time? I don't think so, it's natural to love, but you must learn to hate? How can you live divided? Are you working on the plumbing or do you think it's going to fix itself? Does that problem tie in with any of the other problems?

I love the rich folk, but I hate the poor folk -- sub race? Is there really a such thing as a "middle class"? You are either "is" or "you ain't". Are you measuring using the right standards? What really makes a person rich or poor? Now, do you understand why we have so many violent conflicts? Why crime is where it is? Why the road to hell is so crowed? Why would we want to teach that to anyone else? Does the other way not work - work and play, eveybody?

I am happy I realize that. If you realize that, you'll have to act like that. Why is there a boss and an emplyee? Is that organization or division? Why do we need additional insurance?

Why is my world a truly united world, because I live life like that. You know those other people, hypocrites, I just don't bullshit myself. They say they are making a better America, a better world,,,when they're steady tearing it down.

They hate people, well anyway. You'll know them by the first words out of their mouths: "I HATE that". People don't really listen to themselves, "Whatever". Well, its those kind of people who makes it hard for the rest of us. Think about some things. But I live in a world truly united because I want to know better, so I can do better. I want to be better at everything and in every way, It's just that simple.

I work to live in a truly United World. ARe there more high school graduates than non, what next now? Why are our jobs dwindling? Why is immigration an issue? Are they taking the jobs you don't want or the jobs you give them, people who want to save America, now?

Some have the title, the position but they do not deserve because they do not do the work. Integrity, who would care about what you did, as long as you did your job - scandals? People are not dumb, stupid, blind as you may think. They have a very forgiving spirit, until the law steps in - Troy Davis.

It is amazing how divided, most of us want to be. We have no heart. We'll go to war for oil, but we will not go to save one of our own. Talk about wild and stupid, hell, I don't know. When it really gets down to a life or death decision, "you don't know - Mob Mentality.

How do we work together? Must you care, respect and love one another? Why do you tell yourself that in church - ridiculous people, do you not know what love is? Which part of that do you not understand? Love each, Love your neighbor, Love everybody. You do know there are some people who do not want to be love because they do not know love. Is that the majority of us?

How do you know who to love? Does it have to do with all that dating site stuff, is the birds and the bees? What happened to your birds-n-bees when it comes to me? Am I the only one who has birds and bees instincts?

Is there any other mammal so confused as us? Can we not agreed and uphold anything? Do you need a book to learn what you are supposed to do?

How can you be united, honestly? United States, United Communities, United People,,,all because they Know this is the ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT.

Haven't we tried enough, failed enough, slaved, killed native Americans enough - Cowboyed and Indianed enough? When are we going to stop dreaming about what we're doing and start living what we are supposed to be doing?

I work for a truly United States, I am a soldier for my country and any other country that loves people and life.

I am not a hypocrite, according to our definition of a hypocrite.

It's easy to tell me they are wrong, when they are T-Totally fucked-up, when they've got their asses in a crack so to speak, they will listen then.

You can say, my ass might be in a crack, but I ain't killed nobody. I am a peace loving man, who has the courage to live like that. I like guns for hunting, target shooting and none of that other stupid bullshit.

I don't measure a man by the Size Of His Rifle. Being united takes a lot of courage and hard work, but it is a self created disaster to live any other way.

I can you live in the United States, but live separate? How do we pull that off? Who are we fooling, why? What does that gain or prosper you, how?

(((your inner voice.com)))

Do you know when you are whoopped? How does a boxer, bull rider know not to get back up? Is it better to run or stand up and take another licking? Be real with yourself; love yourself so others can love you in return. Enjoy your life, as short as it is.

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