Truth and Love

Helps resolve conflicts in life

Often we fall-out with our closest allies. Pressure has caused the truth and love pot to boil over.

You know it can be a bit frustrating when you perceive someone or something is threatening to destroy down a relationship you feel you have worked so hard at building. In just a spit second your world turns inside out. Even worse, you say things to each other that make matters worse. It happens all the time in relationships and comes when you least expect. Sex, among other things, further complicates matters. They just do not meet my expectations!

After all your hard work and effort, all is lost. All you know is to keep going. Well, after some years you will discover you have got nothing, other than your lonely, miserable self. Nobody is good enough? I just can not be satisfied? Now, you become more vulnerable and start to question what good are you?

I have done it so many times. I meet people, commit to do whatever it is, only discover, we have two different things in mind. They really were not capable from the beginning and I was too blind to see. Or just the opposite. My confidence is lost, I start to feel uncomfortable and we fall out. When I think back, I could have saved that relationship and a lot of heart ache and pain had I behaved differently. I could have salvaged the good of that relationship? Hindsight is 20/20!

How can we work to avoid those pitfalls? How can we build and maintain lasting, more productive relationships? How can we embrace the full potential of the people who come into our lives?

The answer "Truth And Love". It is hard to do, when we are accustom to living according to the perceived expectations of others—living like the Jones’s. Too often we want to buy everything, so we can easily forego developing and maintaining the required people skills. What love? What truth? I am just pissed at the world? That is ridiculous, I do not have to love my Yard man, he works for me? Certainly, I would not invite my Yard Man to party with my VIP friends, nothing in common and two different classes! Those types of attitudes cause people to react to you differently.

Can you bring all the different disciplines in your life together? Instead of taking the time to build relationships, we run in and out blind and really never get to know any of our people. They are like numbers, as we run to be a part of the big picture in somebody’s else’s life. We do not get to see the big pictures, in our lives--all of our different disciplines interacting and working together for our own good. Consequently, we fail to show them truth and love for all the little things they have done to make my life so much more pleasant. Well, if you are not careful, that attitude can run over into other parts of your life. To hell with them, because I do not NEED them, as long as I have them!

Like a job interview, so goes our lives. Truth And Love resolves conflict and strengthens relationships. We need the people that come into our lives. They are there, not because they must, but because they want to see you succeed.

If you make your life revolve around money, then that is exactly what will happen and that, for the most part is what has happened. As you can see, you can only keep that going for so long. Good to have, but MONEY does not solve the problem.

    "Truth And Love"

  • First, being open and honest with yourself?

  • One step at a time, take it. For many factors and reasons, it is easy to go over board, getting yourself out on a limb? Make sure you are stable on the first step before taking the relationship to the next step.

  • Be open and honest with the new comer?

    There are no guarantees in life, but there is help, hope and you. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Everybody is different with different needs, speeds and abilities. Give them room to be who they are in your relationships.

We are too quick to blame the other person,,,A dog is man's best friend. Think about this: What do you hide from your dog? What reservations and apprehensions do you hold from your dog?

Do you know, you can take the worse person and make them the best person in your life? Just like dogs or pets! Can I let go of the expectations of others and live my life according to my own abilities in "Truth And Love"?

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