Unappreciative People

Americans , do you know how many Americans, especially Black who are adopted, fostered or just helped and once helped they show themselves unappreciative.

We talk about our men and our young people but when it comes to helping disadvantaged, especially Black Americans, it’s a dangerous undertaking.

Why am I writing this? People help become less likely to help. People who are being helped resent being helped. How can we ever come together? Who’s the victim or victor…?

Why are the ones being helped acting as if they do not want to be helped? Do you realize how many people need help and would appreciate being helped, but are not receiving help? We’re keeping each other down.

Attitude, Respect, you are a part of the struggle or you are the struggle. Why does it have to be so hard for people to understand this universal law. You get what you give. And do nothing or taking no action is doing something and taking action.

We are here to help each other and helping is natural. It is unnatural to be mean, belittle, betray or refuse to help those helping you. You do not bite the hand that feeds you, spiritually, emotionally or physically.

A need...Timing...Negligence

First, there's a need and if you do not see that need, you cannot fulfill that need. Your mission is the preservation of creation.

Consumers and producers, supply and demand, where is the balance?

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Scarce as hen's teeth?

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