Unrealistic Life Style

Bad Debt

It's a carrot dangled in your face, it remains out of reach. Then, like quick sand, the more you reach the deeper you are sucked in.

Spending dollars before you earn dollars and buying over inflated items. Just miss one payment and a vicious cycle is created--Robbing Peter to pay Paul.. There's no room for mistakes.

Too often we enter bad debt because we really do not understand what life is all about and by the time we do, it is too late. My credit is ruined and I am only good for more bad debt.

We think we need it and we want it now, just like the other guy.

My thing is you never know what kind of deal the other guy made to get whatever it is they got.

We must muster the courage to take corrective action--Admit, Believe and Confess. Take action accordingly.

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