The Unthinkable Man

What is he?

The man entrusted to save lives is now taking them. Listen to all the pain and suffering? From where is it coming? Risking lives for …..? Is he inspired by greed or compassion? Where can you go to make sense of it all?

If the unthinkable man did everything good and legal, what would be his benefits?

When I think about that, it makes me sad, depressed, where would he go? If you know, please tell me.

It seems we are quickly losing the battle on what is good for all people - Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation. If you wait or depend on our government to come to the rescue, it will be like another Katrina,,,too little too late.

We just don't have enough hands to cover the majority of the ever increasing crime and corruption created in a day. We are spending more time, effort and resources than ever before to combat it, but matters just get worse. Isn't it time for an Ah Ha Moment? Can "we" see "we" are never going to get there using this road? Where is the dialogue? What and where are the alternatives? Almost everything is out of reach or illegal, unless you are working for the unthinkable man. There is no more just having a place on the lake and living happily ever after. There goes the compassion.

The picture of success is increasingly becoming a more individualized matter, in the imagine of a greedy person doing unthinkable things to meet his own needs, during tough times.

Then, how can we all be successful? What about hope? That's what I am talking about, there is nothing you can do, so we are all at the mercy of the unthinkable man.

your inner

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