Users and Takers

A dreadful disease

Misappropriation, Fraud, Scams, Lies...always coming up short, which is where we are today and you know how we got here. Do you feel me? Users and Takers, Flippers and Traders.

What can Users and Takers do for us? Like anything else, you do not know until it is too late. I can tell you this, on behalf of all parties, there is no worse feeling. They say a sucker is born every minute.

A giver's greatest fear is being taken advantage of, which makes them even more reluctant to give and giving is getting. We are angry and hurt. We fear one person may prosper more than us. One may get on top and once up there, may refuse to reciprocate. They may act like they do not know you. You are the little person; I am now the big person and will punish you. Greed is another concern and quite selfish. Being stingy is another. Mean, I am mine you get yours.

Bottom line, like a wide-fire spreading out of control, we become even more confused and vulnerable to Users and takers. They divide and conquer.

Once discover, it is hard to regain trust in them. We start to take protective measures and matters into our own hands. And pretty much, that is the message sent from the top of our chain of command. Knowledge is power and for many reasons, we keep it to ourselves. Others charge and today, we have about priced ourselves right off the charts. How to stay on top? How to be number 1? Do you ever see how to work together? How to minimize duplication? Everybody is pushing what is HOT. We think that is the way it. Should not important information be free and available for all to see? Users and takers are further and further from the definition of civilization.

Education is the key. Like any family, if a people do not learn the art of giving/sharing, they will have serious problems living and working together. Now, you can clearly see what users and takers do for us.

There was a time when things were hard and we had to share. People were happier with much less. We did not covet what others did or had. We did not know. Though there was a double standard, the best we could do was to care for and love our neighbors. As technology improved and we paid for it to help remove double standards, some where, we got off track. Technology became like a weapon and we used it for the wrong reasons.

Where is our ethical and moral leadership? Where are our heads and hearts? Just as we must teach our children the art of sharing, we must teach ourselves. Have faith and know in the end, all will work out based upon how we live. Live for a better tomorrow. What goes around comes around!

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