Family Values and Triple Standards

How do you tell anyone how "fucked up" they really are? Family values and Triple Standards.

Family matters, family matters most, oh how important family is, I got a spouse, I'm a good woman, I’m a good man, family person...

We talk all that family shit but when it gets right down to it, we are the most "fucked up" family people on the face of the earth and will deny it every time. We want to tell everybody else how to live, when we are not living right ourselves. As a matter of fact, we have no family values or standards, by which we live. It all has to do with money, everything we do.

Does going to church make you a good family member, school, higher education... What about saying "yes mam and yes sir", does that make you any more respectful of self and others?

Most of us shy away from family matters because we see it as "none of our concern". Isn't that a contradiction in terms, the most important functions in life and we shy away from, how do we learn and teach? Who decides what's being taught, when, where, why...? Why must you go to school in order to learn? What are you learning? Proper English, how does that prosper you? To whom do we listen? To whom do our children obey? Do they obey you?

When you refuse to recognize from whence you came, how do you have a clue about where you're going? How much input do we have on taxes? Are you entitled to any of the billions and trillions being spent? Do they share what you are supposed to have? Have you tried getting a driver's license lately? An immigrant can come into this country faster.

Look how long you have been teaching the same old bullshit, yet your children suffer more. Look how long you have been talking about God, yet you suffer more. Look how long you've been "a good family person", but racism, injustices, crime continues rising at an alarming rate? Are we training our children to go to jail, to rebel, to learn on their own? Is that why they pay us no mind, because we depend on our enemies to train us for them? Is that why we have so many broken homes and relationships? Our jobs going overseas, being given to immigrants before giving them to us? IF we are such good family members, why is our country in economic and social decline? To solve that, what other people are we going to take advantage of? Why do we need another people, when our "stupid asses" refuse to wake the fuck up?

Literally, we have grown ass kids who refuse to help us do anything, unless there is something in it for them? Is that how it is supposed to be? Where is the sharing? Yet we call ourselves "good family members". We have good neighbors who refuse to be neighborly, yet we call ourselves good neighbors. We have good teachers teaching, yet our students struggle more than ever. The best politicians, yet our government is more needy, greedy, than ever? Look how long it has taken to get a President of color, yet we scrutinize him more than ever? Why are we so fucking stupid, ignorant and in denial when it comes to family values and standards? Doesn't it speak volumes when you have no values or standards by which to live?

Doesn't it speak volumes when you are working like hell for nothing but more aggravation? The more you work, the more work they expect, yet an immigrant who cannot speak the language, does not have a high school diploma can come to your home and be treated better than you? You pay more for everything. Doesn't it hurt like hell when you are struggling like hell, need a little credit and a "mother fucker" who cannot speak English, never been to an American school owns the fucking store. And we have the nerve to talk about profanity, we wouldn't know profanity if it hit us side our heads.

Any people who have evolved out of slavery and denounce their own people...aren't we doing the same thing to our selves, as our masters??? We talk that shit about the truth sets you free, knowing all the time, if you told the truth, they would fire your monkey ass. If you told the truth, they would never hire your monkey ass. Do they tell you the truth? Then why do you feel so compelled to follow their asses? Why obligated to work for them, abide by their laws, when you fail to abide by your own? While you scrutinize me, do you not know a better way? How can they make you come to work from 9-5, and I can't tell you that your family values are as fucked up as hell and it is all due to triple...STANDARDS.

Yes, the whole fucking United States is in economic and social decline, yet you think not and it's all due to no to low family values and double and triple standards. Further, you know it and refuse to do anything about it because they have you. You are a scared ass. What can a scared person do? If you are so free, why are you scared? If you were so business savvy, why don't we have more businesses? Why aren’t our businesses flourishing? If you were teaching such good information, why are our people dumber than ever?

Something has got to change if nothing more than telling the truth to save your own hypocritical ass?

Now, I am going to tell you something about your family and you had better listen. Your ignorance, arrogance, state of denial is killing our families, communities and country. Nothing will change Until you change. Once you know, you are compelled to do something about it, otherwise,,,shut the fuck up about being good family members, MLK... having great family values when it is just the opposite.

I am sick and tired of coming to my people, my fellow citizens, my children for good information and being "bullshitted" every time. What good is it to lie to one another? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Why don’t you trust me? Is it because you do not trust yourself? You trust a politician, lawyer, doctor… Do you know a "towel head" is more business savvy than you? Did you know a Mexican is more business savvy than you and none of which have gone through this fucking gauntlet system you created.

America is in Economic and Social Decline due to failed value systems? Why are our value systems so warped? How do you decipher values in a triple standard system? What triple standards?

Race: Inner and Outer racism…

Gender: Female to male, why do we treat female different from males? Why pay them less, yet expect more work?

Age: Old pitted against the young… What about respect for our seniors, isn’t respect a two-way street? Why don’t you like rap music? You can listen to a lying ass preacher but you can’t stand to hear what your children are saying?

Size: Fat against skinny…

Money: Poor against rich [have and have-not] …Selfish politics…

So, what good is knowing all of this? Denial, chaos, confusion, stress, depression, trust, feeling inadequate... Economic and Social decline. Why do you deny me? Why do you lie to me? Why do you tell me I need an education, job application… when immigrants come into America and take my job?

Why are we being demeanor/humiliated when our free labor built this great country. How do we build a strong economy when our priorities are in the wrong place? Why are family members pitted against one another? Why are our communities, homes…. Broken? Why are we UNHAPPY CAMPERS? How can we together discuss when we’re in denial about the root of all our problems? How can we come to agree when we can't agree?

Why do you call me lazy, unemployed when you are giving away my jobs? Why don’t you want to pay me fair wages, promoting me just as quick as I promote you? Why do you tell me all these systems are working when you know damn well, they are not? Why must I listen to you, when you refuse to listen to yourself? How long can corporate greed prevail… does it? Are you not ashamed?

Read the fine print, why even have fine print? Why write and sign shit you do not understand? Is it written so you don’t understand it? Then, why the other languages? Why do you not want me to understand?

Guilty feelings makes you do some stupid shit, are you responsible? How can you be responsible for a family when you ain't responsible for shit else? Nobody listens to you? What you’re doing speaks so loud I cannot hear what you say. What does our history say to us? What did Native American say? Are we really making progress or are things getting worse-land and resources? Is our quality of water getting better, what about our quality of life? Who, what group of people is most likely to suffer most from violence and abuse? Do we really understand why and the UNNECESSARY consequences, the neglect, suffering… we cause, FOR NO LOGICAL REASON? What is your explanation for GROSS NEGLIGENCE, ABUSE AND VIOLENCE? What is your explanation for Social and Economic decline? What is your explanation for modern day slavery, so much disease, illness, hurt and pain? Can we change the past? If you do not know where you came from, how can you know where you’re going? You get what you give!

Am I making a good difference or am I just like the rest? You punish people for telling the truth, help me understand and tell the truth. For what do you reward them?

How do I help you work with what God has instilled in you? Put it on paper, why is there no record of my “free” contributions? Fishing, why didn't we put them in a bucket"?

A wholesome family is the basis for a good value system, with good moral and ethical standards; and that is your and my business. Your business is my business.

(((your inner

What is your step dad?

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