What is visionary? What is vision?

Everybody has vision, whether they can physically see or not. Then why is it so important to know?

We live in a society that connects us all together. What one does or fails to do affects us all, directly or indirectly. That is why we are so inquisitive and interested in the news. A good example would be global warming or our current economic crisis.

I could not agree with this article more, that our economic crisis is entirely due to lack of vision, a willful ignorance, neglect, of the future and the consequences of what we do today will be returned to us tomorrow. Spending out of control and buying what we could not afford. Our leaders and financial experts let their people down by disregarding sound strategies for the greater good, while implementing selfish tactics.

Here is the thing: Without regard for the disastrous consequences and ignoring human rights, basics fundamentals of economics and laws; our leaders lead us right over a financial cliff. Were we blind or just did not care? All I know is no one wants to be there. Whatever happened to checks and balances? Those are instruments that people of vision put in place to help ensure the safety and security of a people they cared about.

Just as that happened to our finances, it will also happen in life, when we live irresponsibly. There are serious future consequences for what we do or fail to do, today. I would like to use this economic crisis as an indicator of how important vision is, what happens when we fail to follow it. Ethically and morally speaking, we have allowed the wrong people to get in the right positions. We should be very careful of our current standards and make it a matter of urgency to implement new. Here comes the term active inertia again. Until then, we will be getting further and further off track.

Vision is ultimately about the safety and security of a people. Knowing what is needed and staying the course to achieve it. Vision is what unites us and keeps us on the same track.

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