Voice Communications The Power

Effective voice communications minimize stress.

Yes, I am guilty and I am working to do better. If you shout at me, I am going to shout right back. Does that mean I should never shout? Is shouting a bad habit?

Shouting, scolding and threatening, when used as forms of discipline, are weapons of violence and verbal abuse. If they take away from your professional abilities, what do they do for your personal responsibilities? They create a stressful environment and make people more nervous.

Though shouting is not normally considered as violent as physical abuse, it is just as threatening. The goal here is to significantly improve the disciplinary process by employing as many non-violent and encouraging tools as possible, so much so, that we minimize and do not need to use so many other threatening means of communications. To be good stewards and to leave a better world! When we learn the effective use of voice communications to get our points across, the further we will have distanced ourselves from the threat of physical violence and double standards.

Over a period of continued shouting and verbal abuse, people become insensitive and that level of abuse becomes an accepted norm or a game of cat and mouse. You know verbal abuse was and still is a part of our heritage. The desired behavior was achieved out of fear and intimidation, instead of understanding. That is just the opposite of what we want to achieve.

We would like for all people, especially those who do not respect voice communications as an indicator to stop the undesired behavior, to understand and be considerate of the desires of others, without having to engage in argument. Just by the sound of pleasant words they should know beyond a shadow of doubt, that particular behavior will not be tolerated and to restrain themselves; not that I am going to beat you if you do that one more time.

We want them to be able to effective listen and choose the desired behavior because they care and know it is annoying to their victims. We want them to police themselves. We want to be able to use a pleasant tone of voice to educate and to encourage a heighten sense of awareness. We do not want to regularly result to vicious tactics, lying and cheating to achieve desired results. Every next time, the vicious behavior is displayed; the victim must respond with an even more convincing explanation or action or become bullied. Plus, when observed, it spreads and especially where it concerns our children, our future.

As superior beings with authority to rule over, developing and implementing effective communications skills can make a world of difference. Think about how you feel when shouts at you. Words of encouragement can inspire a person to reach their potential. Taking a moment and a few sincere non-threatening words can have a tremendous impact on a life and how we live it. During the disciplinary process, you can shout but reframe from scolding. It is not what you do as much as it is how? Discipline, keep yourself under control.

We were made to be good stewards over this land and all that is there; all we need to do is practice it.

Gone Green,,,your inner-voice.com

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