Walter Lewin

MIT professor and Web star

Walter Lewin at age 71.

With regard to students, "You have to challenge them. You have to make them laugh occasionally; you have to be a little fun. If I want to, I could make them cry, I could make them sit on the edge of their seats, I could make them wet their pants...If you are really an artist, you can do all these things."

"It took me a decade to come to the realization, that really what counts is not what you cover, but what counts is what you uncover."

Lewin has uncovered that requiring memorization of formulas and equations is not the most effective way to teach. Teachers must engage students with action.

"Physics works! And I'm still alive,"

Purportedly, Lewin's presentations has snapped some viewers out of depression, inspired career changes and attracted marriage proposals.

So take your chance.

WALTER H. G. LEWIN, Professor of Physics

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