Wandering and Wondering

Art, where are you going?

Wandering and Wondering, oh don't worry!

How long must we wait? Are you going to give up now. Who ever said the journey was going to be easy. Use your head.

Wandering and Wondering or any variations of the two produces anxiety, stress. Telling yourself not to worry is only a bandaid and a waste of time.

Get to the root of the problem? Well, if it wasn't a problem you wouldn't be wondering. That act alone means you are wandering. Life is scrambled, so you have to figure things out to have a strong sense of direction. Some people take forever to figure out what it is they want to do and many never get there. So what's the point.

You can do it for your own good or spend the rest of your time wondering, also referred to as "floundering around". But this item is complete. I can remember back to my old military days, when I was told about "floundering around". I "wonder"?

Get to the point with yourself and fix it. Well, if it doesn't need fixing or it doesn't matter, why are you wasting YOUR time?

Wake-up, somebody is going to break-up. If you are not praying, you had better be worried - grounded. You wanted it and you got it, but do you realize "You can get it on now"? I feel your heartbeat.

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