The place where cowards and hypocrites become heroes

Just the opposite

War is just the opposite of what we wanted, of what we worked for. How did we get here? Where did we take a wrong turn? We thought we were going up, but all signs indicate different.

Such care may also be a cost-effective way to retain a ready and healthy military force for the future. They just will not tell the truth! Too close together? Intervals? Silhouettes? Or are we portraying a king of the mountain?

War is a good example of how man can justify anything he wants and how blind and eager people can be to support. Hot heads, anger, greed prevails and the spirit of Giving is overshadowed by Taking. The Battlefield is made more attractive than our homeland? It is another good example of our Double Standard society and systems can too easily turn on YOU. Another good example of our lack of faith, prayer and forgiveness, how we can be Christians one minute and dropping bombs on you the next. War is a good example of a very sick people. Subject matter experts can justify rumors of wars, religious and land disputes, keeping war from our homeland, defending rights and fighting for freedom.

I am here to tell you that, War, as in violence, is NO GOOD for anything or any reason. You have to be stupid to want and participate in War. It took me 23 regretful years of military experience to come to this conclusion. Think about it this way. For whatever reasons, you can not get along with your neighbor, so you grab your favorite weapon, go over and destroy them and everything they own. You beat them into submission. Where is the honor in doing that?

War, for any reason, demonstrates the end of negotiations. The end of all civil attempts to peacefully resolve conflict or dispute. In the home we teach nonviolence at all costs for problem solving. I mean we can not use violence against our children, our spouses nor our neighbors, crime, then why should we be able to use violence to settle disputes with anyone else? What message is our government sending? As a government, we teach under handed, low down dirty, backstabbing, double standard tricks and tactics. Just ask one Native American and they fought back. Just ask one African-America, they could not and still can not fight back.

And like lemmings, we march our people, our children off to war. The people who start wars never fight in them. The closest thing to George Bush being on the battlefield was a shoe ducking press conference. Now, these are wars during my life time.

A history of stupidity does not make it smart. Take it from a descendant of slavery who was always beat into submission. Take it from a slave who did not have a means to fight back.

I am saying, wake up, stop siding with hypocrites, think for yourself and do not give up on nonviolent means of keeping peace, no matter the cost or location. As Christians, let us not allow our situations to cause us to be cowards and hypocrites in our faith. Let us not rejoice in violence? There is great honor in nonviolent means of keeping the peace, showing love to others by sharing it in ways they can understand and appreciate. Peace and harmony!

Chronic Fear, Death and destruction, loneliness and depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, suicide and suicide attempts, for months and years to come. I am sure, in the eyes of some, this is a small price to pay. About this, I don't see not one thing ready or healthy for the future! Other than, in some cases, The older we get, the more stupid we become. It just comes to me that way.

For those who do survive war: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Invisible Wounds of War

Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her. Night vision and walking in darkness: It is better to walk through the valley with God than to stand on the mountaintop alone.

Take it from an anti-war mom

War is it good for? Edwin Starr.

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