War Consquences

The melting Pot? The Land of Milk and Honey, Careers, Upward bound, No child...

Things run out. People start to do crazy stuff. Nobody knows what's real or phony$ Faith gets shaky. Law and order? You can't believe what's happening--Gas. Doesn't take much to knock an already weak economy off its feet or should I say me off the road. Transportation, jobs, then food, housing, What next? Can you see it coming, semi-colon or semi-truck?

The reality of it is small businesses must grow. Don't you think, it's the fastest way to turn around our economy? Not nearly enough and very seldom does monies trickle down from up high...Hellooo? Jobs got us to where we are now! Time for a change.

Be caught off guard again, notice how unprepared we are to respond to homeland disasters 911? I do not know your neigborhood, but ever called a police officer to a fight? Katrina? Iraq, Afaganistan, Or suffer the consequences. Could you make this journey?

If war can do this to these people what do you think it can do for us rich folk in America? We're discussing whether to have Black History Month or So? We are looking for President Obama to push some magical button, open a door and...? Recession <> Depression? What are the people actually doing to Help, an economy you already know is failing? I don't know much, but I know the difference between a semi-colon and a semi-truck!

If the President is taking these issues very serious, what are you doing?

Help Save our country now, What does "grassroot" mean? Come together and help push/build from the bottom up or... Take action now, so we can teach later!

African Immigration to Europe

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