Water Skiing Milledgeville, GA

with Big Myles Nash Jones

Learn to Water Ski with Big Myles Nash Jones and have a great time learning.

Water skiing is a sport discipline of the Water. It is a excellent way to get exercise, stay in shape, relax and train for other activities. Learn to govern your body! Water skiing is a true test of balance and stamina.

Whether it is: Collegiate Skiing, Wakeboarding, Barefooting, Ski Racing, Hydrofoiling, Kneeboarding, Disabled Skiing! or Driving the boat! Young or Old! I am 53 and I have trained a lot older. As long as you have a desire, everybody is welcome.

Big Myles Nash Jones can help you get up and stay up! I am happy to be a charter member and sponsor of the CULPEPPER LAKE SPORTS LLC Family, Milledgeville, Georgia

I got up the first time and to make sure I did not and will not fall, I haven't tried it again. But I do enjoy watching and helping Big Myles Nash Jones work and help others. - Art

Excellent help and instructions! For skiing you can depend on: Call Him! - 478-452-1053, Email Him!

I am a big fan of The governing body of water skiing - USA Water Ski.org

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