What Comes Around Goes Around

My Ultimate Adventure

Dear friends,

I’ve got so much thanking to do here for all the kind words you’ve all written to me on “My Adventure”. It has been truly overwhelming, and, in a way, it has allowed me to feel as if my trip goes on even now that I’m back home… and planning my next trip :-)

I’d especially like to thank Josephine, Juanita, Charles, Myles, Chris, Rete, Sheila, Saundra and a host of others for their very important insight as to the Non-SBIer reading this. You’re right, sooner or later, complete strangers will run across my website and enjoy it, about 600 daily, now.

I have been struggling with how to do my work and at the same time, introducing and promoting SBI to Non-SBIers. So, on my home page, I placed a "need a website" link and behind it, a pop under page that headlines with, Hi There!.

Luckily, Juanita, you came around and kindly exposed my patchwork ;-)

I put together the site in a week or so and have been working with it over the past three years and so far, very good results, thanks to you all. At the first stage, I just tried to get my story out of my system. Now it has been an ongoing process that has emerged into a powerful tool to help me and others.

When I first set out on this journey, I didn’t really know where it would take me and what I’d do with my story. I was in it mainly for the fun, but I do admit I was definitely thinking about creating something helpful, that could help me and any body else; that would be my contribution. I also wanted to help promote SBI, I like working with their internet tools and am happy to share, plus I need to make money too. Because of them and people like them, my web experience has been great and still growing.

Now, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, I believe, in the very near future, more and more people will be buying into SBI. Why? More and more people want to work from home, they want unlimited income potential and last but certainly not least, Just take a serious look at the SBI company and let your business brain work for you. It’ll be sort of an SBI-Boom. I am not the only person seeing this.

I’m not saying this just because I’m hoping for it, but because I really believe people are just now starting to understand they can and how to make a living on line. Almost EVERYONE I talk with wants a web site. They don’t know what, they don’t know how, they don’t know anything besides the fact of wanting a web site. Why? Because people are realizing they need an inexpensive, but serious means to promote their talents. There are more and more web success stories and people are exposed every day to more and more people that are doing it and they want too also.

My challenge to you is to find a company that does that better than SBI and if you do, tell Ken Evoy, Ask the question? about it.

Now, how many active SBI sites do you think there are?

Before I met Elad, at my-sbi-adventure and Daniel (SiteSell COO) on my trip, my guess would have been around 300,000. I won’t say how many there are because that’s for Ken or Daniel to say if they wish, however, it’s less. And Daniel was very proud when he told the number and rightfully so, they’ve been working really hard, but it just seems that in today’s world, there should be not 300,000 but 2,000,000 SBI sites.

So like I said, over the next few years I too believe there will be a big SBI-Boom. And those of us who have already discovered the power of SBI will be able to capitalize on this Boom.

There are mainly two types of SBI affiliates. There are the Steve Pavlinas who can sell a wagon-load of SBI packages without using it themselves. I’ll call them the “Pavlina affiliates”. And there are folks like us who can promote SBI as a nice byproduct but not as our main focus. Let’s say that we are the… “Plebian affiliates” ;-)

For the sake of where I’m trying to get to, you can also say that there are two types of potential SBIers. Those that are impulsive and buy right away. And there are those who procrastinate themselves to pieces - the “Shilly-Shalliers”.

(Sorry for all the name-calling going on here…:-)

The Shilly-Shalliers, I believe, are a HUGE and silent bunch. They had your cookie when they first read about SBI two years ago, but they’ve been back and forth so many times by now, wanting to take the plunge but not having the guts to do it, that you don’t know whose cookie they’ll end up with when they finally do buy in.

But you know what, it doesn’t really matter who gets the commission on the Shilly-Shalliers because I believe that, what comes around goes around, a natural balance so to speak. One day it’s you, the next day it’s me, the day after it’s the other SBIer. The more we can get this group to buy, the more we all gain. And I’ll bet you a large percent of these procrastinators were introduced to SBI by Pavlina affiliates, but any of us will end up with their cookie. Fair game? Join SiteSell, Free, No push, No Obligation.

That’s where, in my opinion, my adventure story comes in. Hopefully, a story like this will help you. Now, I’ve got this no-overwrite cookie (a word you need to know about if you are going to be on the web) that means if you send someone to your-inner-voice.com (or any of my pages), and they’ve got your cookie, my cookie won’t delete it. So I’m actually narrowing my chances of picking up Shilly-Shally commission.

However, I don’t care. You know why?

From reading my BLOG posts and what people have written to me on my your-inner-voice.com, I have come to understand the best reward for my success story and writing the ensuing your-inner-voice.com site is being able to inspire people to take action and change their lives. That is my writer’s dream.

Before writing the your-inner-voice.com site, I knew I had a story to tell but, I wasn’t aware of how much "my life story" would be an influence on others. I just caught myself thinking one day it’ll be nice to have a website to share and make a few bucks, but the truth is that website building, for me, has been much, much more meaningful than just that. My educational experience alone, has been worth the whole internet ordeal. To get messages from people telling me how my story inspired and helped them or whatever comments has been my most rewarding experience.

(No need to worry about me. I earn my bread from my niche. SBI commissions are a nice cherry to top it off. Yet, with the upcoming SBI-Boom…:-)

As you can see, from visting and corresponding on my your-inner-voice.com site, that if someone sends me a really touching note, I won’t think twice about posting, advertising, promoting, responding or linking out to their site – even if it takes away from my valuable time or may lead to me losing my search engine ranking. Like I said, I’m a firm believer in "what comes around, goes around" :-)

You know, I think when money isn’t your main motive for promoting or developing something, when you really – deep down inside – believe in what you are saying or what you are doing, it’ll be so powerful it’ll blow people away. Just look at Ken. I dare say that I don’t think he works 100+ hours a week for the money… And that’s why SBI is such an extraordinary product. None like it because there are very few folks out there who are willing and ready to work like Ken and SiteSell.

I will continue to iron out the wrinkles in my your-inner-voice.com site so that it can be a good example and your constructive criticism is most welcome.

Thanks again!


PS. As always, your comments are welcome, Email Art.

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