What Happens When Your World Changes

Warning, Warning, Warning, There is strong language in this article.

Though these are words we (adults and children) (Saints and Sinners) use, hear and/or say, on a daily basis, somebody, somewhere is going to consider them offensive.

A Word or words?

Let us say, you live in a small house with two bedrooms--no closets, a kitchen/bathrm, family room that tripled as a bedroom/living room/den, and the toilet was on the back porch. That's a shotgun house, isn't it?

When you realize anything, there is already a few other families living there—your mom, two aunts, an uncle and your grandma. You are four years old and learning some things. Mostly, what not to do. You sleep in the kids room, don’t ask me, I do not know where they came from. Heck, I had eight brothers, no sisters, but I did have a few girl cousins. I learned a little about how you might treat your sister.

Guys did not want to play with girls, which I never understood —Why that separation. And girls didn’t play with the boys. Do not know how it got started, but it was something I had to learned. And still today, there is a lot of sneaking around.

SEX, we really do not want to openly discuss. I can hear some of you now, “up-oh”. One of the most important things we think we can do in life, have children, and yet, we refuse to openly discuss. It is something you just don’t openly talk about. The subject could be embarrassing, inappropriate, vulgar…. Yet, we all would love to be doing it, at least two or three times a day. Well, if you got the right partner. You ain’t sexually active all your life, time is a factor.

I learned early on, in my family, the possibilities of what could happen to me, if my grandma heard me saying, “words that sounded like ‘that’”. I still get a little chilled when I think of what I am about to say—I wonder where my grandma is.

I was scared when my grandma was around and I even heard “that or those” word(s). It did not matter what she was doing, when she thought she heard a word like that coming from my mouth, she just got excited, excited enough to stop, come over and beat my butt. I could also get a beating for being in the wrong place. I had to be careful where I told my grandma I heard "those words".

It is amazing, at what our children must go through, before being able to openly say, “those words”. Like, Sex; who, what, when, where is the right time, something else you have to learn from the streets, good or bad places. Most often, a responsible adult is not going to tell you about all the good, fun to do sex stuff.

Well, it is not the places nor "those people" in "those places". But we are quick to tell our children it is. Which is a great injustice.

You hear them everywhere, shit, goddamn, nigger, mother fucker, “nuts”, ass hole…. But you had better not tell, nor repeat them. You know, if we did not "make those words bad" they would not be.

I wonder why people put themselves through such agony and misery?

Sometimes kids, and it could have been adults, would write "those words" in public view.

In the men’s room, they are written everywhere. Never understood that one either, if you went to the toilet to do your duty, where does the pen come in.

Now, do you know what my grandma told me when I went to her to tell about somebody calling me one of "those words", "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

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