What Is On Your Mind

Ever experienced your mind slipping away, day dreaming, you were just oblivious to what was going on around you, until someone close to you says, What’s On Your Mind. You have enough problems taking care of yourself much less helping someone else. You just do not have the time?

Here, I am talking from the standpoint of depression. Your mind slips into an overwhelming state of depression, so much so until you alone can not bring yourself out. Everybody notices but no body says anything for fear of getting too personal. If the problem persists, over time you can get deeper and deeper until you are in trouble. Somebody has to get your attention in order for you to snap out and get back on track.

Thinking nobody cares, many give in and do something they and others will live to regret. What is taking advantage of each other? What is Central State Hospital of Georgia? Well, the idea is to catch yourself before you get to that point.

Too late, we have been that way for centuries and much damage has already been done, as we, our doctors, our lawyers, our politicians, our churches, our teachers, our leaders stood by as our families, our homes, our communities, our children, our business interests, our hopes and dreams—All went up in smoke.

For so long greed has distracted us, we have dealt and depended on evil thinking people until much of which have become an accepted norm. Quality of education, who cares as long as they go to school? However, most recently looks like we are in for a long overdue change. The first steps will not be easy, but healing has to start from within. We know what we need to do, but it takes courage and sacrifice to start a 360 degree turn about. Time is one key. Quickly take the pressure off one man. We must take a bit more time and effort to nurture one another. Well, let’s say, pay more attention to the needs of and offer help as best as we can. Who else is going to help? What’s On Your Mind?

Let us rebuild with a solid foundation. An attitudinal change, to improve our lives means improving and expanding upon our thoughts, to include and consider the good of all mankind. Not perfect but good. Checks and balances!

Labor not to be rich and cease from your own wisdom. As a Man thinketh in his heart so is he. What about stingy evil doers? They are keeping track of every little thing you are getting from them, to make sure they get every bit of it back, one way or another. But you can not keep track of them.

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Inspired by David Luke, Pastor Flipper Chapel AME Church, Milledgeville, Georgia

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