What happens When I Misbehave?

What is a Devil? Who is a Devil? Who is the devil? What happens when you misbehave?

The devil is the voice I obey when I let down my guard. "Then it happened". What a line! "I didn’t know"! Now, if that was your child, you would be ready to punish them, wouldn’t you? You have had enough, tired and can not take it any more. Just think if you believed in corporal punishment, you would burn their little hide? DADDD!

Did you know there are some religions that authorize and praise parents or caregivers for beating a children, when a parent or caregiver concludes that child has misbehaved and probably gave those same excuses? That parents should have the right to beat their child when that parent deems it necessary. You can’t tell them any difference. They just will not listen. They are dead set and determine to beat their child’s a sugar sugar when "they" step out of line and the church is behind them. Even asking forgiveness will not stop you this time? Just can not restrain yourself and feel like a respected human being, when all you know is a spanking will do the trick. It worked for you and it will work for them? What about women who believe in spanking?

Today, beating a child has gone undercover because other parents know a better way. It is amazing what one would do in a moment of weakness!

What happens when you misbehave? "And then it happened!" Somebody's going to get burned.

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