What kind of People Are

Ever play the "we" game?

Where and how do you find us today?
How do you see us?
What about our ancestors?
As they see us, what do they think?

Are we a friendly, honest, peace loving, forgiving People?
Neighborly, do we invite our friends to share?
Do they look forward to visiting our neighborhoods?
Do they feel our love?

History is made everyday?
Are we a good family oriented people?
What examples are we following?
What examples are we setting?

We are a truly blessed and talented people.
Are we helpful to each other?
Do we make good business partners?
Can our partners and customers depend on us?
Are we professional?

Who has the answer?
Who’s responsible?
To whom must they/we answer?
Will the answer be pleasing?

Are we willing to change?

your inner voice, A new era of responsibility

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