What do you like to be called

First comes your birth name.

Then, Baby, Boy, Girl.


Then, Mr. Mrs. Miss, Ms.(marital status unknown or irrelevant)

Get an education: Received an educated title.

Get a career: receive a career title: Carpenter, Plumber, Preacher.

Get married, take on the spouse's name.

All these names and titles are added to our name and become a part of our means of identifing each other. They become our names.

Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. are probably the first titles we introduce. Normally, out of respect for elders, especially if you are raised in the south. Does everybody older deserve respect?

As we grow-up, we are introduced to the others, and the fun starts as we gain additional titles. We attempt to escape some names while they can be quite embarrassing, ie., inmate, resident, client... Those names are also very important.

Then, there are those who use their titles to impress or intimidate, ie.,FBI, CIA, IRS, Bishop, CEO. The quality of their work doesn't matter, they just take advantage of their titles.

To help minimize confusion those of us who married more than once should be made to keep those names.

Now, had we kept all the previous names and titles, as we introduced ourselves, they would help tell our life story.

No need for a background check and all the other stuff.

Would not need to mention how many times we were married.

It would all be in the name.

May my work speak for me.

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