In What kind of world do I live

I am out of touch with reality! Am I the only person in America to recognize what is really going on or is it like you see on tv? Is America a lot like the lives of the rich and famous? Is America the great wholesome helping country we portray ourselves to be? Are we learning from our mistakes? Do we just sweep them under the rug? Who says? What about double standards?

Is everything peaches and cream? Am I living the great American dream? Is it by choice? How long?

Long story short, I was born, went to school for an education and a good job? Well, all of that happened, but I was not quite satisfied with my job. Short story, I was training to kill folks or put it another way, to defend my country and did that most of my life.

It was a great experience, well, except for that one little thing. So one day I decided to join the country to which I had always been loyal and trained to defend.

An equal opportunity guy, I overlooked race and I mean some serious racial encounters. Remember, I attended a predominately white private school. I inquired around and offered my services at several local organizations. I did not know it would be so hard to volunteer. I tried a few minority based organizations and learned they can also be so secretive and lacking in structure. I applied for a few local jobs, did not make much, but it was a steady income with benefits—Juvenile justice, Department of Corrections, Working with children with discipline problems. My problem was I could not get it out of my mind that I was going backwards.

After filing my taxes I received a huge tax bill! My family and personal life was shrinking away by the minutes.

So I started to branch out into my own businesses. Well, so far I am still working harder than I would like and making not near enough to financially maintain a household of one. What are my problems?

I mean I have been as nice and generous to my faith, my causes and other people, as I could be. I have literally bent over backwards to help my people and my country and I am 52 years old now.

My question: In What kind of world do I live. Drugs and alcohol, got nothing against it but the police does? Do you realize how much time, money and effort goes into combating those two items, just those two. Why?

Now, I love what I do to make a living, but the pay? On average, when I talk with another person, what good does it do, when 9 out of 10 times, they are not going to keep their word? So, I looked for things I could do alone? Where is the feedback? Where are the customers? It suggested to me there is nothing I can do alone and make money at it.

Knowing what I know, how many years does it take to establish a clientele? How many lies must you tell to sell one good product? What role must I play, when most of my kind spends a day or two in jail, mainly for following somebody and not having a clue? So at all cost, I tried to generate a significant income and stay legal, well beyond reproach.

Do you know it is even hard to get a date by staying legal? Try to find someone compatible and trustworthy? Even a good bible based church is hard to find? Then, when you do, it does not extend beyond church doors.

Unless you are rich, kissing butt or taking advantage of something or somebody, it is nearly impossible for poor people in America to progress legally and financially. Just look at the labor force? On a daily basis, I see people die lacking for what all our media ads promote, for as low as 35 cents a day—Health Care. No money, people can not eat healthy. All the social stuff discourages down to earth living by promoting Living beyond your wildest dreams. What is credit? Why does a poor person need credit, bad credit? If you give bad credit to them, how can they ever pay you off? People who still can not read nor write and feel betrayed by the system? People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, so they have given up on their dreams? You will not see these folk on talk shows or reality shows. They have resigned themselves to being mocked and betrayed by the system. They have been to jail or marked by some other unfortunate circumstance and it knocked them out of being able to squeeze through the eye of the needle for a healthy life. Hence, the term broke, busted and disgusted and there is no light at the end of their tunnel. I am suggesting this is the majority of the people in America. America admits to being in a recession now, but these people know only depression. I guess you say, whoever said it was going to be easy. My questions were, In what kind of world do I live, Is everything peaches and cream? Am I living the great American dream? Are the vast majority of people living the American dream? Is it by choice? How long? .

Bailing out?

Will it ever be the America it was meant to be? Can we go back to a better time in history? Do you want it to be? Must we rebuild? This time, who is excluded? Who will be exploited? Who is responsible? Who is working on it? Any new Pilgrims?

People need to know! Art

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