What’s Key To Happiness

What is the key to getting the most important thing to you, whether you know it or not.

Can it be violent?

African Literature; Proverb, Treat people the way you want to be treated.

I asked one day: What could be my GREATEST CONTRIBUTION to my country? Stupid or Smart, I spent 23 years in the UNITED STATES ARMY.

If I learned or didn't learn but one thing: It cannot be with violence. I don't want my ass whip, so it serves me well...

If you don't start no shit, how can it be? They already know how powerful you are, why allow someone to deceive you? Why play like you are gangster. Is anyone really afraid of your ass?

If David killed Goliath, come on now.

Can't be no blessing, where is the forgiveness, how can you lead the world, neighborhood, why use FEAR and INTIMINDATION, They already tried it. Now, ALL of us are living in FEAR AND intimidation.

How much does it cost for a Formal Education? How do you feel when someone tell you: "Go Back To School"?

I don’t know much, but I want to be much, not FOOLED again. I tried faking them out, one day somebody is going to figure you out. You want to win, you want respect, I mean it …. YOU WANT SOMEBODY.. YOU THINK YOU EARNED, THEY DESERVE IT. You’re promoting it, how on in the Sam Hell, is it going to ever end?

Will you explain that to me? I live in a country where they talk about you like a DOG and it’s not the Snoopy type.

How you gon win the battle if you can’t agree???? Can you ever beat WISDOM? Was promoted because you OUTSMARTED somebody? They asked you the question and you gave the answer? Why would the Teacher mark your paper wrong? Can, will anybody learn a damn thing.

Common “fucking” Sense

(((your inner voice.com))) How to "BEST" survive, not bullshit.

Do you really think somebody likes you? Is it because you blend in or is it because you are hiding?

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