When Humans Become Prey

What it feels like?

Panic and time goes into slow motion. You think it will never end. It can not end fast enough and you have nothing to protect yourself.

You have an adrenalin rush and super strength. Fear kicks in! You can not get much closer to death than this. Help me! Help me PLEASE! Though you have been over powered, your inner voice says, you can fight or give up.

You appreciate things before you did not care about. New thoughts are revealed to you, "would have", "should have"; but there is no time to argue.

Being human prey, what is it like? Everything goes BLACK! The pressure is on! YOUR life is on the line. No time for stupid mistakes.

You do not know what got you and you have no control. If you survive, life has given you a second chance. Attacks, Sales Calls, Bill Collectors, SPAM, Collection Agencies, poverty, illness and disease, economic "?"; a Natural Killing Grounds?

In life there are so many things to celebrate.

Do you care who saves YOU? Do you care who comes to your rescue?

When Humans Become Prey, their outlook on life is changed forever.

There is safety in numbers! Think of all the ways you can help save us and do it!

Art, enjoy and make it a great day!

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