When you and your mate are

When you and your mate are no longer an item.

What do you do when you and your mate are no longer an item? Does every couple come to this point?

The spice of your relationship is slowly dwindling and there is nothing you can do to change that? Days and years go by while you want one thing and your mate wants another? You still want the spice of life and your mate is just as content as they can be? You talked and the more you talk, the more you understand they have not a clue about what you are trying to say? The opportunities seem so obvious to you, yet they say, everything is alright? You go to bed, they go to sleep? You like the formality of things, they just want to eat? You want to talk, they want to watch tv? You want to make love and they just want to get it over with? Intellectually, you are in one world and they are in another? What do you do? The clock is ticking!

Are you growing apart? Are you to hang on for the sake of hanging on? You love each other, but the spice is killing you. Do you want to stay or do you want to go?

Hold on, keep going, everything is going to work out fine. Now it is rough, you are on edge.

Do whatever it takes to make you happy. Talk about it and conduct yourself according. Keep the spice of life.

your inner voice.com,,,Shalom

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