When a man is No Longer the man of his house

Man No Longer Man


Married, stop reading here, this is not applicable. I know your wives would not do that to you. A good wife would correct the situation and if it still didn't pan out, most likely divorce.

Divorced and Single guys, you know what I mean. There are some single ladies who know how to make you feel like the man of the house. That is if you are a man and they respect you. In our broken homes, this responsibility too, too often defaults to a child.

Even a stranger, acting like a gentlemen, can be treated like a gentlemen. Not gender specific.

What does that say about a man that is no longer the man at his house?

It's better to have that feeling for a moment or two, rather than loose it forever.

Can a man make himself the man of the house?

What can a man do to make himself the man of the house?

Does paying all the bills, child support... make a man the man of the house?

Is it great sex or lots of brains, what about divorce?

Does divorce make you any less of a man when the man comes around? How many divorces?

Does not ever being divorced make you the man of the house or any better man?

Next subject: Forcing a relationship to work, just playing the game.

Are leadership skills inherited or are they learned?

Does a man know when he is not the man of the house?

Does it really matter who the man of the house is?

Are there women who do not need a man of the house?

Can a woman do the man of the house job?

Can women replace men?

Interesting, there are classes on everything else, but no classes on how to be a man, grand paw, great grand paw; but we do have sex education. It is easy to become a dad or a mom. What about a wife?

Is "a wife" possible without a man? What is a mate for life? How can they be fruitful and multiply? What if it really did not matter, it is man's preference?

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