Where is your inner voice?

I have enough trouble keep up with mine? Like asking the price of a gallon of gas or when will prices stop rising? The harder you work, the more money you get, the higher prices go. The more confusing they get.

About the price of gas, man, they must have excellent communications skills, because the rate of change is more than I can keep up with. Every two or three days, gas prices go up or down. No longer do you know, if the price of gas is expensive because of the store or that they didn’t change the sign. I know of one store that has said to hell with it? They are the only steady fuel prices in town.

I mean don’t you think the oil people should have realized how much pressure they are putting on drivers? They know our economy depends on transportation and the fuel it runs on. Between the automobile deals and the oil folks, just looks like we are being screwed every which way they can. How unstable this market is? How unstable that makes everything else, including self? You can even tell how many miles per gallon you get any more. How confusing all these changes are? I mean who can honestly keep up with the price of fuel any more?

I know I am suppose to be talking about “where”...

I can tell you the price of a barrel of oil, but I can not tell you the price of a gallon of gas!!!

Now, don’t you suspect that somewhere alone the line, somebody is taking advantage of all this confusion? The silent majority, our pockets and our piggy banks are literally being sucked dry, Cow Gone Dry, and there is nothing being done about it. The price of fuel drives the price of all our goods and services. Reckon they can keep up?

Where is your inner voice?

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