White Folk In America You are wrong!

Always have been and always will be, until you change. You can figure out a lot of things, but when it comes to “your faults”, there is always a problem.

I do not like using the words, right and wrong, but in this case it makes it simple. A better choice of words would be good and evil, but I am going to stick with right and wrong and pray that all comes out good. How to tell white folk, in America, they are wrong?

You are wrong in the way:

You first received this country.

You mistreated the indigenous people of this country. Double wrong!

You exploited a race of people to get slave labor to help build this country. No amount of money is going to undo what has been done to us. First we were terrorized, denied and then, was not allowed a proper education and access to anything else while in your care, and as a result we still do not have access to education, good jobs, or the ability to earn decent wages. What has changed?

You established the government of this country based upon double standard systems and trickery, with your own self-interest in mind. And it is a government which continues to operate today. That is how you earned the reputation of being big liars, cheaters, killers and destroyers. What jobs?

For centuries of abuse and neglect, in these cases, you fail to be remorseful and for that, you are wrong in the establishment of your double standard penal system.

You are wrong in your efforts to make all these parties feel guilty about, your own inadequacies and mistreatment of them.

You prospered based upon the mistreatment and suffering of others.

You aid and abet criminals, who describe themselves as, and use the cover of “white folk” to commit criminal activities and exploit resources in America. They have made themselves Gods, I mean "the law", particularly the leadership of America.

You use cronyism, corruption, ethnic groups and quotas for problem solving.

What ethnic group are you and what is the quota? What does this mean?

Your inner voice.com, a victim.

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