Why CanNot You Love More Than One

Are women gods? What about men?

Now, let me put that question into perspective, Why can you not love more than one? Why can you not love and marry more than one? Why can you not have sex with more than one? Why not, as long as everyone is in agreement? Are women gods?

The rules of society! The Law! Disease? The system? The bible? Please, give me a break!

You can love more than one, but you can only marry one at a time? Now, that is where Ex’s come into the picture.

There is very little room for error and errors are very costly when it comes to the all American dream of entering the sacred matrimony of marriage. In trying to dictate and protect the interest of both parties, we have tweaked the institution of marriage so much the most important ingredient (love) has distorted. You can love your children and anyone else through all their mistakes, but you cannot love your spouse through theirs? I will kill you before I see you with another? Think about that? What kind of a mentality is that?

We don’t want a marriage like our parents, yet anything else is unexplored and based upon bits and pieces of dream information gathered from what we think we see and are experiencing. Very little of it is tried and true. Every marriage thinks they have found the new magic formula.

The deal is we know this is not working, so we implement more rules and regulations to prevent it. Then before you know it, the natural process is lost in the system. We now depend on the government to manage our marriages and increasingly more, our relationships. The freedom is gone and we have more incentives to divorce than to stay the course in your relationship. Think about your wedding vows, and then as soon as the inevitable problems kick in what does the latest custom suggest you do? Mom and Pop has very little to do with marriages anymore and divorce has become a commercial item for attorneys. Fear and material compensation is sought?

The man becomes a sperm donor and the woman gets custody and a pay check. How many men can afford this? How many women can he afford to do this with? With our backs turned on the last man, we go do it again, but this time is going to be different. Is that one at a time or two at a time? Things are what they are. If everyone had the freedom to do what they wanted then the incentive to choose the right mate would be greater.

We are afraid to let the other have what they want, without being spoon fed. Nobody wants to share and it all goes underground. How can you achieve a different result when you keep doing the same old stupid mess?

Sex, Sex, Sex, we put so much emphasis on sex it is tearing us apart. Sex and money is everything to us. On one side sex is okay and on the other, sex is the most sacred thing between a man and woman or man and man or woman and woman, priest and children…. That is my point. Living like the Jones, we are on the wrong road. And respectfully, nothing is going to change until we change.

Well, you can love more than one, but we want to govern how you love them. We do not teach how to think, but what to think.

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