Why is the job hunt so frustrating?

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When I am out, I like to ask people to share some thoughts describing their job hunt experiences. Many responses are: "Depressing" "Tedious" "Painful" "Lonely" "Exciting" (there's one in every crowd) "Frustrating" "Ego crushing" “Stressful”.

I think it is terrible when professionals like you, who are in the top ten percent of workers in the country, have to go through such a negative experience when you're seeking employment or switching jobs.

On the theory that "knowledge is power," I've taken everything I've learned in my life, in this business and shared it on my blog in a series of posts.

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During the 20th century, most job advertising occurred in the local paper. They were local, and the process was considerably slower. When that didn't work, they'd hire executive search firms to proactively canvass the market and speak with people on their behalf.

With the rise of the internet, a great thing has happened: communicating across long distances and finding out information on a wide variety of topics has become free and easy. It is easier than ever to check you out! The job hunt: communicating has become free and easy and job information is available to anybody, anywhere, at little or no cost.

The result? HR departments are being overwhelmed by the flood of unqualified candidates. There is so much noise, and there are so many, that it makes it difficult to get to the best qualified individual.

So what can you do about it?

Realizing the problem is too much volume out there, you need to change your game.

It used to be said the job hunt is a numbers game. That made sense when the numbers were in the dozens, and each application required some time and thoughtfulness.

Today, the job hunt is an attention game. You've got to find a way to stand out and get the attention of the hiring managers who need you. It's about quality now, not quantity.

Think about the big pile of junk mail you get at home every day. Most of it goes directly into the "round file." But there are some pieces of mail that you read. Why?

It's typically one of two things: you know the sender, or something catches your eye.

You need to do the same in your job hunt.

Passionate people are being discovered everyday because of the internet and their talents. They are being welcomed from all walks of life, while you go through all the frustrations of looking and applying for jobs. Here is the question: If you are so professional and qualified to do all those amazing things for a company, why aren’t you doing them for yourself? Every smart company knows this and when you have nothing to show? Are you looking for an easy paycheck, benefits, what is your motivation? Where is your network? Buying and selling is the bottom line.

Network equals net worth. Because Sitesell .com is already known to the internet powers to be, that is one sure way to help beat the "know the sender" rule. Now, it is up to you to grab their attention.

Another is references. When you find a great job listing, use your network of friends to find somebody who works there who will put a good word in for you. You're much more likely to get assistance from your network.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They also say a video is worth a thousand pictures. Take a look at what is really going on. Nobody ever said, it was going to be easy? If a horse can do it, how hard can it be? Are you afraid to take a chance on yourself? Are you hoping the job market gets well real soon? Do you know what can happen when an economy is heavily dependent upon JOBS? Entrepreneurship is king! Reckon a horse would tell a lie?

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