Are you affraid of hard work, your "Best Work"?

Where do you live? How is your shelter, food and clothing? Are you hungry, cold, do you have a safe place to weather the storms? If so, then share. Share the knowledge. A bible based church. Offer.

If not, then you have some work to do.

You have to work like hell if you want something worthwhile. So why not do exactly what you enjoy. Not now, but as a reward. Seek it! Grow it! Make it! Attend a bible based church. Get involved, yes share. Hardwork/Smartwork. That's the backbone of a striving society.


"Did you know there some who want something for nothing?" Yes, the think they can not benefit from sharing. Here's the thing, "But they want to be shared with". Humble heart, they do not understand the word. They rather talk about you, tell a story, than what they did to help.

This is my best work. Like the faith of a mustard seed, I do a little everyday.

What about your best works, do you do a little everyday? Hard work, smart work, the harvest!

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The best info is the info we share!