World Leaders

How do you get to be a world leader? World leaders do you know?

What is royalty and how do you get that? Are you born that way?

Can we promote the best people for the job or is it going to be the same ol same old? What happens when we submit our best and brightest to the same of defunct system? Do we have any other options?

How does the world know? So many of our talented youth are snuffed under by our own system of education and the wrong ones get to the top. Yes, the wrong ones are put in control?

Is money real? We say No but we act otherwise. How can we be so foolish for a dollar? Why do we base everything upon something not real? What's more important, dollars or sense?

What kind of a system eats its own? Who validates our youth – rights of passage? Information is a great thing to share.

How can you be a world leader and not know what the people are saying? How do you know what’s in the future for us? How can you be a people and not voice your concerns?

Which is mightier, the pen or the sword? To be all you can be, so why do you join the army?

If we’re in social and economic decline, why? What are you going to do, to whom will you listen?

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