brings on stress and stress is a killer

What is the proper way to do this, the proper way to do that, but who really cares?

Much easier said than done! You know the symptoms. You start out happy and excited to get all those things you have seen and heard about. And then “one day” and everybody has these days, everything you do seems to flop. That "terrible thing to waste" just will not quit. So you take even more drastic measures to get them back on track. You think I am working myself to death for nothing. Nothing is ever quite right; there is always something else to be done.

You try to let go, but it seems futile. You put your heart out on the line and it gets stomped. I did not mention drugs and alcohol. If it ain't one thing, it's another. That's when you know, you have got it bad. You never seem to have enough hands to catch all the balls and it goes on like that for years, especially doing something like starting your own business. That is like adding insult to injury. We are all human, but we want to be legal and as honest as possible, but the grass always looks greener on the other side. You have tried the other side and narrowly escaped with your life. You have needs, wants, deadlines to meet and people are depending on you. Everybody seems to be going faster where you want to be and it makes it look as if you are going backwards. Anxiety attacks, bill collectors and sales people suggesting stupid things, you want to change your attitude. The pressure is on and that is the way our current system is designed. We have got to have it all and now. You are preparing for battle, it is very tempting to knock somebody out, get into their nice car and take off. That is carjacking! How well do I know the feeling?

I read something somewhere that said; (1) Do not lean to your own understanding! (2) Do not let your heart be troubled! (3) If you are not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with anything!

Go at your own pace, be prepared and don’t worry, for your own health and welfare. Be sure no one knocks you out. You never know how nor what the next person had to do to get whatever or wherever it is. They will have to account for that. Be happy for them. High ranking or low ranking?

Some people strive on adrenalin rushes, drama, chaos and confusion. I guess it is their talent. Not me, I love to have a great time, but I like peace and at regular intervals, I value my quiet time.

Above all be patient! Not easy but every little thing is going to be alright. Whatever it is you are suppose to have will be there, it is there and you are “right on time”, as long as you stay at it. Practice it!

Why race your life away, when you can get much more out of living it? Keep “your priorities” in order and keep going! Everything takes time. Love and nurture yourself so you can love and nurture your family. Then, the economy will take care of itself.

We were born one way and made ourselves another.

Enjoy and whatever you do, do it without worrying. I look forward to seeing you in the old folk home. Art

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"To Know Overthinking Is to"

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