Another Liar Moves To Milledgeville

stamp problem

What wrong with this picture?

The US post office, after realizing a stamp showing the Statue of Liberty in close up was not taken in New York's harbor, but Las Vegas.

The mix-up in the 44 cent stamp meant envelopes are in fact adorned with a replica of the famed statue in the kitschy Nevada gambling capital rather than the weathered and revered original in the Big Apple.

I guess nobody said which statue of liberty?

Is it legal or illegal for public employees to solicit or donate money while on the job?

Another Liar Moves To Milledgeville

How many times have you been lied to, today? How did and does that make you feel? Would you tolerate a liar? Job interviews? Bank Presidents? Do liars deserve a job? Are they lying about the unemployment rate? Just Why is our economy so ___off track----?

What kind and type of people or person sits back and enjoy being lied to? Do we really ever think about what we say and do?Tell one lie and you have to tell two? What kind of liar are you? There are good lies and

Why is this so important? It is very important to keep up with your liars, just as important as it is for them to keep up with their lies. Now, why is that so important? This is some very very important information you are here receiving. Most people don’t take the time to figure things out, they just keep telling lies.

Well, why would you do that? Do you want the reputation of being a habitual liar? Do you want your community, town, country to be known for the world’s most notorious and habitual liars? We kill for less things? This is a very serious situation and concern in America. It concerns me, who will be the first to attack us, (((for telling so many lies))). Let’s see, we went to Iraq because of lies! How many thousand people were killed there, (((((all due to one “big fat lie”)))) told to the wrong person?

Some people are very gullible and fall for lies and most of them are in politics. You see, in order to be President of The United States of America, lying is one of the most important requirements. Now, do you see how critical this information is that I am giving you,,,for free. And I know you are listening. For one time, you are going to listen to somebody or continue to live the life of a Big Fat Liar. You know you do not know and I know you do not know and I know your time is up, because people are wising up to your monkey ass – liar,,,,, the ability to be gullible to liars and their lies ---- tolerating them, instigating and listening to liars and more lies.

Who can tell the best lie? Was it Bill Clinton? I will not mention Hillary, Obama, or Cain, (two times). Friends of John? Friends of Bill? Friends of Herman? Friends of…. Tricky Dick! Big Dick! And the lying just goes on and on? I joined the Tea Party for obvious reasons and GUEST WHAT?

Well, that’s enough of your lies for today. I guess you think the American People really enjoy being LIED TO?

Friends, please no solicitation here? No loitering? May my work speak for me.

(((your inner

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