It's about lying

(((You lie like a rug)))

Lying is what it is all about? Is the sky falling? Check is the mail! We're just waiting on them to...

Let them tell it, some people ain’t never feeling good. I don’t care when you call on them, they always say, I ain’t feeling good. They got a cold, go to the doctor, their back hurts, something is always ailing them. Do you have any family members like that? They are always making-up excuses.

You have got to feel good sometime!!! But any time, day or night you call them, they are sick with something, how can this be?

Am I "making a something of nothing", over exaggerating or what? Are they in every town or just my town? How influencial are these kind of people? Do they have a bearing on anything? Just how many people are there like this? Are they close to you? Do you wonder if they are ever going to be okay? Do you ever know when they are telling the truth or lying?

Now, that is where that kind of person become a serious threat to your good health and well-being. That kind of person can get you killed. You never know when they are telling the truth or a lie?

So, just how do you take these kind of people? They tell you their son or daughter is about to do something! So you get angry because this something is going to hurt you, so you fail to properly address it. Will that come back to haunt you?

What is a compulsive liar? Is deception dangerous?

How do you cope with a compulsive liar? Do they serve in important or powerful positions? What bars them from serving?

Building trust in a land where trust is hard to come by? Does little lies lead to bigger lies?


(((your inner



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