Lying Ass Jack-Leg Preacher


How do you know one? Clear conscience

I have worked with plenty of preachers in my life, in all kind of disaster settings, but when you run across a lying ass jack-leg preacher it is quite upsetting.

How do you know one? They will come with lots of college degrees and not know whether to introduce themselves as Doctor, Preacher, reverend, pastor, teacher or Billy Bob, so they will tell you what somebody else calls them. They will use any and all of those to put himself above you. They will ask you a thousand stupid questions, but share no information.

In a quest to determine whether one is good or bad, he might ask questions like does he smoke or drink, which has nothing to do with ones character or quality of work. As a matter of fact, that’s being judgmental and too invasive.

How do I sound by asking if a preacher swears or looks at other women?

I don’t want to go overboard with this, but it is very UPSETTING when a man of the cloth inquire about the ability of fellow human to perform, by asking does he drink or smoke? That’s like asking me what does the man eat?

Would you put to death those of us who do? What a reason to put another man to death.

That’s why I say, He's just another lying ass jack-leg preacher, but he sure knows how to put out the hellfire and brimstone. He ain't got no more chance than a kerosene cat in hell with gasoline drawers on to accomplish anything. He only makes things worse through intimidation, manipulation and using the bible to enforce their social order.

That phrase is a southern expression.

So how is it you set yourself a part from the rest of us low scum of the earth? Therefore, I do my best always to have a clear conscience toward all people.

(((your inner

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