You Are A Nobody Why

I have been told that a few times and from my stand point, that's alright, because it is what somebody else said. Now, take a hard look at yourself and answer the question, Why are you so important. What do you think of yourself.

Sometimes I take a look at our systems and when you really think about many them, they are pretty much financially motivated, at least the ones that get most attention. Then, when you look at the people who run them? So, it is not the system, but the people who run them, Now, you can understand our economic down-fall. Do we really practice what we preach? Would we really cut-off your water? Should people have to pay for good safe drinking water? Are our utilities getting higher? Will they ever get cheaper, cleaner? Why, is it because of the people we have running them?

Why Are You A Nobody?

You say what I think and need. I work so you get paid. I starve while you get fat. I can barely pay my house note while you get a bonus. Look at what you cause me to go through to get a job, that ain’t there. Look how you cause me to hate, first myself and my fellow man, while you steal me blind. You have always got a reason to divide us, by making us think that one is better and more deserving than the other. You have got your way of pitting people against people.

You are a nobody and it takes one to know one. That’s how you have referred to me for years. You appear to have no soul, conscience, or spirituality. Every time I pay my taxes, my utility bills I am reminded how much of a lying, cheating nobody you really are. Oh, how cheap and economical it would be--gas, electric, oil? You have got the devil beat. You steal, kill and destroy everything. If you can not control it, it threatens you. You can not leave well enough along.

When was the last time you talked with somebody making minimum wages? Did you ask them about the economy? What about are they able to pay these ridiculous bills? The price of oil is a hoax, and changes everyday,,,and you tell me you are doing your job? You are a cheese eating nobody.

I wrote those words to my Congressman today after learning he voted against Health Care Reform. The craziest thing about it all is that he did it just to spite President Barack Obama? He doesn’t care what I think or need? I am not rich. I catch hell paying my bills and they just get higher and higher. I do not have his salary. I do not have medical insurance. I do not give a damn about what the people “who have” has got, I have got to have health care REForm. At least give me the hope of getting some insurance. How can we have a healthier America when folk who fought and worked for this country are not being taken care of? A veteran ought to be able to walk in any health care facility and be treated for illness. Any veteran! That would be an incentive worth dying for? That would be an incentive for more soldiers to fight,,,they would know that the very people for whom they are risking their lives,,,is likewise. Are you a soldier or a punk? Are you a cop? Why do you care? Do you let somebody else tell you what you need? Just ask any soldier.

If you did not have any money, then you would understand. It would be a no-brainer….that you need all the help that you can get…and my cheese eating Congressman John Barrow voted it down. He should be tried for treason. A nobody? Why would you ask a rich person if they needed financial help? Common sense? No-brainer…. Three of the best words, the most important words world-wide***HEALTH CARE REFORM*** and he voted against it. I could not believe it? What is he thinking about? Who is he trying to help? Who is he trying to hurt? He's supposed to be a fair man, looking out for the poor people. Rich people don't need looking out for. Who needs the most help,,,the slave or the master? To whom would you ask the question? A coward would ask the master. I hoped I was mistaken, but when I checked his vote, it indicated to me that he voted against.

All jokes aside,,,if you saw a phrase with “Health Care” and it had something about helping people get better or anything,,,would you have to think about it? What is there to think about? I do not care who it’s for, that people deserve to have the best health care they can get. If not, that’s why you need reforming and my representative is in bad need of Reforming, reprimanding and put on probation. You say I am a no body and nobody is paying us any attention?

You might not need it, and others might not need it, but I need it. I fought for this country for more than twenty-three years, I deserve it even if you do not think so. And for those vets who do not need it, I salute you.

You are a noboby Not because of what people say, but because of what you think of yourself.

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