You just do not know

The cat is out of the bag, when it really counts on what you should know - reality from actuality.

You know how it is when you think you know? Because of your ears and eyes, all your senses have been alerted to the unthinkable is happening right before you. Now, reporting this is your job.

You do it everyday. Everyday you go out into reality, based on your training, experience and professionalism, you confirm or deny what is actually going on and report your findings and based on actuality, it is determined what is of most importance to the people to know. Now, your company boast about their in depth investigative skills, their ability to go directly to the source to confirm, verify and accurately report, without bias; the facts for the safety and security of all concerned, especially Americans. To the tune of billions of dollars a year, you are constantly on the search for information, nobody knows. You have become so good at it, that now you tell the people what they need to know. It only gets deeper!

So you have got it down, buying and selling stories. To prove that point! Then, one day all hell breaks loose right under your nose. You can not believe what is happening and all your reporting skills kick into action and you reveal to the world, that you are totally unprepared. You did not know Jack Schitt? And because you still think you do, when it really counts, you can not be depended upon, until otherwise proven. It was your own exercise in reality and actuality and you really stepped in it. It was a totally different story.

What is the difference? Well, your integrity has been compromised, so what are you going to do? Cover it up?

It is a sad day when you finally realize that the ones we look to for accurate reporting, do not only make mistakes in reporting, but they report false information and instead of confessing and correcting the situation, they will tell you about how real it looked. All because they do everything but confirm, what you did not know - The ability to discern, reality from actuality, fighting from making love.

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