Your Ways

As stupid as this may sound, there are some who want to do this and/or really would like to see a change, but who has the courage to make the first step?

Two weak folk, does that make a strong? Your Ways, His and Hers, Mine and Yours!

Have you committed to changing your ways or the ways of others? People too often say one thing and then do another. They have the best of intentions, but nothing ever gets done, within time, Why?

Are you as caught up in your ways as ever? People are talking their hopes and needs, is that the very image of life today?

Would a government shutdown cause you to undermine your faith? Could it? Which faith and faith in what? How are the two connected? Are you accepting unacceptable changes? Does anything ever get done before its deadline?

How do you avoid all that? You can't, unless you Change your Ways.

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This looks like it goes along the lines of fooling yourself? What good does that do? Why would you sell mind-blowing drugs to another man? Would you want that done to your children?

That's not all, why would you start a war that you are personally not willing to go over there and fight? Is that a punk or a courageous man? What kind of man are you if you are always fighting somebody else's battles? <<>>

Is it that you are too weak to fight yourself, smarter, money and power? Two weak folks, does that make a strong?

If you want something done in a certain length of time, then do it yourself!

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You are not alone

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