To Your-Inner-Voice
Be True

See, hear and do! For your own safety and salvation.

To YOUR-INNER-VOICE: How hard is it to listen? To which voice? The courage to follow? I do not have one? This is crazy? It is not important? My job? My education? My career? Every excuse in the book! I need help, because I am just one "selfish human being".

You see this everywhere: Get It Done! Just Do It! Attitude! I am 52 and have never had a serious stay in a hospital. Who do I thank? What keep me from the same mishaps, that managed to fall upon others? Why am I so different? Am I? Is my faith holding me back? Am I really helping others or am I just playing my own game???? What am I in it for? What do I want in return?

Need help, I will be more than happy to assist. May I add, please keep it good; then, you are welcome to Contact Me

I read so often about how difficult these things are to see, hear and do.

Here it is, "In A Nutshell". One day, take some time out for yourself. Sit down and think about what is going on inside you. Then get up, one step at the time doing. Do not question yourself. Just do it! Don't turn back! Don't look back! Just keep going.

To thy ownself be true! Live and help live! Make and take the time! Develop the courage "to think for yourself and execute", as you help others. Keep going, no matter how bad things look. There is some positive in it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Seek it. Share it. Pat yourself on the back, because You are really doing it. And just as we became a number 1 world power known for monetary/capital gains, we shall become a Number One World Power known "Good Deeds". Everything we need is right here and we did not have to ask. I did not cost one copper or silver. No borders! No inflation! No taxes! We got it and got selfish with it!

The pyramid, from the top-down, failed us. What can we do from the bottom-up?

With your very important unique contribution, you are helping to change "The World", one little step at a time. No conflicts, No copyrights infringements. We need it and you are sharing it. See, hear and do! For your own safety and salvation. This Spirit helps us overcome the pull of our flesh.

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