These exercises work with the natural flow of life process, enabling the individual to restore a sense of self, increase life, and find new love.

They recognizes abandonment as rebirth and taps into your capacity for growth.

There is an exercise for each stage of the abandonment process called S.W.I.R.L.

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For the SHATTERING stage, there is an exercise for staying in the moment that helps you manage pain and enhance the quality of your life.

For WITHDRAWAL, there is a written dialogue that taps into your oldest and truest feelings - feelings that have been interfering from deep within your personality all along, and allows you to turn them around. If you make this exercise a part of your daily life, positive change is inevitable.

For INTERNALIZING, there is a visualization exercise that re-directs your psychic energy and helps you focus on your deepest dreams and needs, build toward real achievements, and change life direction.

For RAGE, the task is to use your rage energy to take constructive actions in your life. To help you do this, there is an inventory that helps you discover a powerful new voice, the Outer child. Outer child is the part of the personality that acts out the inner child's anger and frustration. Your Outer child takes emotional hostages instead of forming healthy relationships. Outer child is the culprit who sabotages your attempts to bring love into your life. The deconstruction of your outer child defenses allows you to change your behavior, resolve insecurity, and become 'unstuck.' (A 100 item Outer Child inventory is included in JOURNEY.)

For LIFTING, the task is to increase your capacity for love and make a new connection, which includes a Five Point Action Plan.

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