announcing your separation

Making family business public knowledge.

Handling the anxiety and negativity of separation and divorce for peace sake. These situations are usually devastating and leaves you vulnerable to attack.

What’s actually happening when your spouse announces, “You are separated(ing)”? Does the public care?

Is it “thank God Almighty FREE AT LAST”? Is it a “warning order”? Is she saying, I don’t like him anymore? Is he exposing something about you, nobody else knew? Has she already decided how much to say and planned ahead? Are they worried about the impact of their separation on other relationships? Is it really anybody else's business?

Why is your spouse making family business public knowledge? Divorce or separation is a self inflicted process of bitterness, hostility, stress, sadness, anger, revenge ...

Coping strategies “taking him to the cleaner” and “showing her who’s boss.” Have you ever seen one end otherwise – SOS? Abandonment is even worse.

I’m filing for divorce, what are you saying? Well, who wanted to get married in the first place? Is marriage the first step to “Making family business public knowledge”? If you can end a marriage in kindness and respect, why get divorced or separated? We come together for peace sake and we separate for the sake of peace.

Relationships, the decision, the announcement and the actual separation are causes for even more confusion and turmoil. Is there another way? A better way?

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